Learn how
to supercharge
your productivity

‘Wake-up Call’ Conference
Change your company’s mindset
Don’t work more, work smarter

1.5-hour conference with one author
Includes one preparation call


  Improve your company’s work-life balance: Make everyone realize that there is no causation between hours spent working and results achieved

  Discover the 3 most effective techniques that successful entrepreneurs use everyday to get organized, concentrate and accelerate

  Get a demo of the best tools to maximize one’s productivity at work

  Get a copy of the book to encourage attendees to learn more about how to supercharge their productivity (optional)

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Conférence Partech Ventures
Conférence Productivité

‘Wake-up Call’ Conferences

Hear it from them

The authors

Les 3 auteurs : Bao Dinh - Guillaume Declair et Jérôme Dumont

Bao is a VC investor at Idinvest Partners, one of the most active VC funds in Europe.

Guillaume is co-founder of French media site Merci Alfred and the ethical fashion brand Loom.

Jérôme is co-founder of One More Thing Studio, a French mobile app development agency.