Revolutionize the way you and your colleagues work. Learn about the most effective techniques to supercharge your productivity and put them into practice.

1 full day of training
Up to 10 attendees
Includes one preparation call


Session 1: Get Organized

  Learning objectives: How do I prioritize tasks? How do I decide how much time to allocate to each task? When do I complete each action?

  Workshop: The art and science of to-do lists, calendar and email techniques, how to prioritize time as a manager

Session 2 : Concentration

  Learning objectives: How to give each task the focus it requires?

  Workshop: Learn to be hyper-focused, how to manage distractions, how to manage the time of one’s team vs. our own time

Session 3 : Accelerate

  Learning objectives: How to get through each task as quickly and efficiently as possible

   Workshop: Set up the must-use productivity tools

Conférence The Family
Conférence Partech Ventures
Formation à la Productivité

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The authors

Les 3 auteurs : Bao Dinh - Guillaume Declair et Jérôme Dumont

Bao is a VC investor at Idinvest Partners, one of the most active VC funds in Europe.

Guillaume is co-founder of French media site Merci Alfred and the ethical fashion brand Loom.

Jérôme is co-founder of One More Thing Studio, a French mobile app development agency.